eBeam Edge



User Needs

Primary Problem

Traditional interactive whiteboards are highly expensive, single purposed, and leave a large impact on the environment.

eBeam Edge is a compact yet powerful, flexible and greener alternative, allowing teachers to easily install, use and maintain their own classroom technology.

Secondary Problem

In businesses, meetings happen daily where document markup and screen annotation is difficult during collaboration sessions.

eBeam Edge allows meeting users to draw directly on the LCD display, annotating with a real writing tool that retains familiar mouse control.

Design Contributions

Research, Definition, Planning, Industrial Design, Hardware-software Interaction, Branding, Styling, Functionality, Engineering Solutions, Packaging

Brand Application, Art Direction, Video Strategy, Messaging Direction, Content Strategy



Over 300,000 eBeam systems shipped across 6 continents, generating over 150 million in revenue

Tech & Learning Magazine's Award of Excellence
2012, 2013, 2014

District Administration's Top 100 Products Award
2010, 2011, 2012

EdTech Digest's Cool Tool Award
2011, 2012

Finalist in the International Design Excellence
Awards (IDEA) competition 2010.